Hundested:A hidden
treasure worth visiting

Visithundested-Gb Hundested oversigt Visithundested-De

 In case of acute illness, no life-threatening call Emergency telephone: 1813

In case of accident or life-threatening illness call tel: 112

Doctors in Hundested:

Doctors Nørregade 29B, 3390 Hundested Tel. 47 93 70 33
Fax: 47 93 76 43

Doctors Strandvejen 83, 3390 Hundested Tel. 47 93 25 25

Dentist company v. Ulrich Jensen Amtsvejen 20, 3390 Hundested

 Phone 47 94 09 25

Dentist Dorthe Schødt Stadionvej 10, 3390 Hundested Tel: 47 93 81 21

 Hundested Pharmacy Nørregade 54, Tel: 47 93 98 86

 Police tel: 114

Falck Guard Center 70 10 20 30

Day-to-day cardiac arrests can be found at::
At the end of the Rørvig ferry office,
Hundested Havn Amtsvejen 2.
Lynæs port office, Havnevej 15B. Lynæs

Dentist Dorthe Schødt, Stadionvej 10. On the gable towards Stadionvej.

GDV Folk dance house, Stadionvej 40. In the corner of the buildings.
Midtermolen at ”Fyrbåken” Nordre Beddingsvej.

O.V. Jørgensen Fischerei-Export , Færgevej 2.

F24 Gastank at the corner, Amtsvejen-Ullerup Skovvej 2, at the building, It is locked but the code is available by calling 112.

Other cardiac arrestors.

The main entrance of the care center Søndergade 81A.

At the front door of the priest yard, Haldvejen 7, and
Landowner Association Strandly, Kongelysvej 14. In the Carport.

There are several registered cardiac arrestors in the Hundested area, find the others by clicking on the text Defibrillator, enter city name, or on + to enlarge the map, click the green circle near your location, and you will get the address where the heart starts.

Click on one of the photos below for bigger pictures and addresses.

Aid for illness and accident.